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Al Jaleel Society >> Articles Portal >> Cerebral Palsy >> Speech Therapy >> Speech and Language Therapy Unit.

Speech and Language Therapy Unit.

Al Jaleel Society - Mon 2 / 07 / 2012 - 08:53 am

Jaleel Community and Charity Association for Treatment and Rehabilitation. 25/06/12
Unit of Speech and Language Therapy.
This is one of the Units of the Jaleel Community and Charity Association for Treatment and Rehabilitation, which began in 2003 to train speech and language specialists in cooperation with
international relief agencies, and to offer services to children such as:

Children with cerebral palsy suffering from speech, language and hearing disabilities.
Cases of cleft lip and open palate
Cases of stuttering
Cases of loss of hearing and cochlear implants
Simple cases of late mental development and excess movement
Autistic children
Cases of delayed speech and language
Children who suffer from problems in the pronunciation of certain letters (e.g. "r", "s", "k", "q", "th", "z" etc)
Cases of late educational development and learning difficulties
(Problems of retention and remembering (i.e. problems with dyslexia
Cases of strokes in older patients

In these cases:
We train mothers to monitor their children and we educate trainers from within their families.
We conduct workshops to raise awareness of problems of diction, their causes and how to treat them.
We publish pamphlets and brochures about diction and language.
We develop skills in volunteers and university students in the field of diction and language.
We work with children in the form of individual and group sessions.
We offer daily support from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm (with the exception of Fridays).

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