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Al Jaleel Society >> Articles Portal >> Community awareness and advocacy >> International Day for Disability

International Day for Disability

Al Jaleel Society - Sun 5 / 01 / 2014 - 10:59 am

On December 24, 2013, Al Jaleel celebrated the "International Day for disability".
As usual, this annual event was a success for Al Jaleel.
In fact, Al Jaleel aimed for this occasion, on one side, to aware the Palestinian Authority officials about the reality of the disability in Palestine and to take their responsibilities towards this field. On the other side, Al Jaleel tried to offer a sweet moment to people with disabilities.
In the beginning, the buses transported the participants from villages around Jenin to the meeting point (Al Jaleel association) to begin the march to Cinema Jenin. The march was headed by Hashad School Scouts. Before entering the cinema, a little bag with cakes, juices and water was distributed to each participant.

After a welcoming word to all participants, Al Jaleel president, Abdel Razeq Abu Al Hejja, reminded our success under last CPP grants and our aims for this new grant. He stressed also on the lack of official initiatives in order to apply the persons with disabilities rights .
Mohamad El Habbash presented the word of Jenin governorate

Nahed Manssour from the General Union for disability supported Al Jaleel position and called to support the people with disabilities in environmental compatibility and health sector.
Then, Omama, a blind girl from Al Noor School for blinds, presented a poem. It was so touching that it was difficult to hold back the tears.

Finally, a film was presented on the violation of persons with disabilities rights in education, accessibilities to public establishments, marriage, …

All presentation was assured by two blind persons and the participants appreciated really their confidence!

The event finished by honoring with a little gift to persons with disabilities who are authors of a creative idea.

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