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Al Jaleel Society >> Articles Portal >> Community awareness and advocacy >> The International Day for the persons with disability event in Al Jaleel

The International Day for the persons with disability event in Al Jaleel

Al Jaleel Society - Thu 27 / 12 / 2012 - 11:50 am

The International Day for the persons with disability event in Al Jaleel

On December 20, 2012, Al Jaleel organized an important event," The International Day for persons with disability".
In the beginning, all participants gathered in front of Al Jaleel in Jenin camp. When all buses from villages around Jenin arrived to the center, we started our march to the Jenin Cinema. The march was leaded by the Scouts show from the Hachad School.

In front of the cinema, the children and the children with disability blocked the circulation and raised for few moments the slogan and the banners of our manifestation under the trumpets sounds of the Scout show.

After opening the ceremony by Holy Qura’n , the National Anthem and the Fatiha in memory of our martyrs, Abu Ashraf, Al Jaleel president welcomed to all our participants and presences.
The representative of the Jenin governorate, Abdallah Barakat, attested the priority and its sustain for Al Jaleel services. Then, Bradley Bessire from USAID, expressed his support to take in consideration this field and the importance of the rehabilitation services. Rafeeq Abu Seifen, the president of the Palestinian General Union for the persons with disability called to preserve the persons with disability rights and the event like this. Finally, the representative of the UNRWA (Disability Rehabilitation Program), Noha Abu Eisheh ended this part of the presentation.

Jamal Abu El Ezz took advantage of this opportunity to present the result of our first grant project and the main steps of the second one. The aim was to show the real impact and the importance of the project

To create a funny atmosphere for the children and the persons with disability, Shaka'eq El No'man presented a sketch on the persons with disability right. The subject was really too serious but the context of presentation was amusing. Both, the children and adults enjoyed it a lot.

Last but not least, the ceremony was closed by a poem from the UNRWA primary school director, Mohamad Al Akhrass about the right of persons with disability

The number of participants was very high despite the bad weather, we recorded 331 persons on the attendance sheet but we estimate the real number approximately 450 persons. It was too difficult to write all the names because many persons joined us in the course of our march and the activity.
The presence was composed by persons with disability, responsible from the Palestinian Authority, responsible from the civil association, …

We appreciated also the attendance of the Usaid representative, Bradley Bessie, the CRS representatives, Nessreen, Ziad, Nicole and Nidal. Their participation attests of their interest in the services for the persons with disability. Although, Al Jaleel offered a little gift in memory of this event to Bradley and Ziad

Of course, Al Jaleel didn't forget its great supporter in the first grant project. Kadoura Mossa, the former Jenin governor. He was elected as the personality of the year 2012 by the Al Jaleel administrative staff. A little gift in his memory was offered to his wife who was very affected by this gesture.

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